Bagel 2.jpg

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich:

Fresh toasted bagel stuffed full of housemade organic eggs, cheese, Cloverdale ham, organic spinach, and our special pesto spread.

We proudly use locally made Burly Bagels.

Maple Woods Latte:

An Organic Maple Syrup latte with fall spices,

and our popular immune & energy boosting

Four Sigmatic Ten Mushroom Superfood Blend!

Cold Brew:

Organically Grown BittyBrew now available as Cold Brew.

Served over ice.

Vanilla Matcha:

This green tea latte is made with pure Chinese Matcha powder from the local shop - Steep Me A Cup of Tea. Pure Matcha, Milk, and Vanilla Syrup make this a healthy treat!

Titanium Coffee:

Our organically grown fresh roasted house blend coffee with organic maple syrup, grass-fed butter and 100% pure organic collagen. Who knew coffee and butter could taste this good together!

Housemade Chai:

All natural organic chai tea, sweetened with raw honey and coconut sugar, this chai will turn a skeptic into a fan!

4 Purpose Fusion:

The 4 Purpose Fusion uses our Raspberry Pomegranate 4 Purpose Organic Energy Drink and is combined with a flavor of your choice. Lightly carbonated and topped with a spot of cream, this drink is one of a kind

Energized Oatmeal:

This high powered cereal is energized with coffee cherry flour, made from the fruit around the coffee bean. Included is the Earnest Eats organic Supergrain blend of Oats, Quinoa, and Amaranth. Organic, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, and low in sugar. Ask for current flavors!